Week 2 Post

In this week’s assignment, I learned that branding yourself is an important aspect to succeed in the professional world. By using platforms such as Twitter to market yourself, you can become a bigger influence within the professional world. Not only does branding yourself via social media benefit you, but even getting your name out in your local community. People will then start to talk about you, your name will spread, and you will soon be growing your network. If you start small and work for local companies, they will eventually lead you to even bigger and better companies. You can easily work your way to the top, especially by taking advantage of social media. By using social media, such as Twitter, people in the professional world can easily access information about you and see what you are contributing. By seeing the work you are contributing, they may realize that that is something they would want in their company and you would be one step closer to a job.

By creating a professional, online presence, it increases one’s chances of attaining a job that they truly desire.


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