Week 4 Post

This week, I further explored Diigo and learned about Bitly. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Diigo. While it is a great way to share information with others in a group, I do not find it the most aesthetically pleasing. Because of this, I find myself dreading going onto Diigo to post something.

Bitly, on the other hand, I think is a beautifully designed website. It piqued my interest as soon as I opened the website and I immediately started perusing. I think my favorite thing about Bitly is that it tracks the users who have opened the link you have shared. It tells you what of your content is popular, the crowd that is viewing it, and even as specific as what operating system they are viewing your link on. I think this would be incredibly helpful in the field I would like to pursue (journalism) because it would give me the ability to see what kind of readers are reading my writing. By seeing these specs, I could even broaden my target audience and in turn, collect an even wider range of readers, thus promoting my work even further. I truly think Bitly could be very helpful, not only to journalists, but to people who produce or advertise their work via social media so that they can gain information about the people viewing their links.


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