Week 6

After learning about copyright laws, I do believe that they are necessary. Copyright laws protect each person’s work, no matter what form it is. By having copyright laws, the owner’s work is protected. Without copyright laws, the owner may be at risk of not being compensated for their work. By not being compensated, owners may be less likely to produce another work since the money they make typically has a part in what they create. It is important to protect yourself and your work. Copyright laws also give the owner the control to make copies of their work and choose where they want copies distributed. Another benefit of copyright laws is that if someone tries to steal your work or copy it, you have the right to file suit against infringement. This can reimburse the owner financially for what they have lost.

For these reasons, I do believe that copyright laws are necessary. They protect each person, as well as their works, and I find this extremely important so that someone else cannot take credit for what the owner has created.


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