Week 9

Unknown For this week’s blog post, I created a picture with a caption on it. (Picture featured above.) To go about doing this, I went onto Flickr’s Creative Commons where I could legally download a photo someone else has taken. I wanted more of an inspirational photo, instead of something too cliché and cheesy. I wanted the same thing for my quote so while I googled “quotes about exploring the world,” I searched for something that, again, was not too cliché. I found the quote “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” (I got this quote off of How to Live a Life of Adventure.) I felt that this quote definitely checked the box of being inspirational and especially worked well with the photo I chose. I placed the quote on the photo by using an online photo editor called BeFunky. This allowed me to choose from a plethora of fonts and colors for my quote. I then downloaded the photo onto my desktop and inserted it into my blog post.

I picked this quote because it involves going out of your comfort zone to seek new adventures. People don’t realize what they’re missing when they don’t take a chance on opportunities. While people are afraid of making mistakes, they don’t even realize that that’s what life experience is all about. By taking a leap of faith, whatever the ending may be, you come out of that experience with more knowledge about life. Life is too short to spend your life stuck inside, worried about what may happen. I truly believe you should take every opportunity life hands you because you may not ever get that opportunity again.


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